Thy First Greasy Conception: A Man For The Woman




In the name of the grease, the pleas, and the holy crease: we welcome you to Season 2 of The Story Must Be Told. Our congregation is humble, and our drips polite. Please please bow down with us in penitence. Give that kneeler a sniff. Smells like gasoline, don’t it? Ha! Go ‘head and ignore that.

Introductory Prayer
Psalm: "The Horns of the Beast"
Liturgical Reading: “A Man For The Woman”
Concluding Invocation
Church Bulletin

A new Mass awaits ye next Tuesday. And the Tuesday after that. And so forth. Mm hmmfff.

TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: hot fudges and greasy touches. Twitter, Instagram: @TSMBTpod