The Book Of Melody

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Guest Preacher: Jackie Zebrowski (Page 7 podcast, IG: @jackthatworm)
Psalm: “Tot Scramble”
Liturgical Reading: “The Book of Melody”
Concluding Prayer

Oh, this bod bursts with song! I am a husk for tasty tunes, a chrysalis for zesty rhythms. What worse is there then, than talent wasted? Imagine a sweet baby that learned to juggle, or a dog that learned to speak. If any creature on The Story’s earth were to impede such expression, would not we all demand their squishy demise? Yes, yes, yes, even if it were the babe or pup themselves. Let that song loose! Write that dirge! Juggle that knife! The Story demands it.

We have a fresh Story next week, and it’ll unsettle thee proper uh huh.