Bad Emotions 2




We all get them, you'd be even crazier than you are now if you didn't get them. But not every negative emotion is always a bad one. Sometimes it's a defense mechanism, sometimes it's very much deserved, and other times you're just a dick.

Joining Amber and Ed this week is Nick Turner, The Queen of LPN Jackie Zebrowski, and my beautiful fiancé Miss Julie Rosing. Listen as they tackle such Bad Emotions as Insecurity, Cockiness, Being Judgmental, and Being Sensitive. Ok maybe they're more personality traits than emotions. What do you want from us?

Also we wrap up the show we talk about our good buddy Jason Saenz, who needs some help right now. Here is a link to his GoFundMe.

And in honor of our bud we're being taken out by Five Man Electrical Band - Signs