Yon Steamy Exaltation: A Cowboy's Story




Wipe your hands on your pleats, then clean your nails with yon sopping lips: the Story has been birthed unto us eager acolytes. Oh! how it stews there, such promise and squelching. Ee! how it inspires, gets these hips swayin and tongues drippin. Touch it twice! Quick! Stories like this ain't gonna love you much sweeter.

Introductory Prayer
Psalm: Spark A Holy Fire/Horse Testes
Liturgical Reading: “A Cowboy’s Story”
Concluding Invocation
Church Bulletin

Rejoice with us again next week, uh huh, squish squish.

TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Music and Recording: Carl Schroeder. Stories and narration: cinders and cherries piled in the shape of a feeble man. Twitter, Insta: @TSMBTpod