Who Is Your Milky Boy?

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t ain’t easy to sire a child with spoiled milk, nuh uh. Stretch on some gloves, milk yon squirters into an old Cro-Croa bottle, and bring yon pride to our collection. We have bottles dappled with sweat, others hot as irons, and some just fulla dregs—pathetic milks I hate to say. What of your milk? Drop a drip, and let us inspect.

Guest preacher: Brother Daniel Tamborelli (Danny and Mike podcast, Jounce)

Psalm: “Restaurant Milk”
Liturgical Reading: “Who Is Your Milky Boy?”
Concluding Prayer

Hoo hoo, I been cutting out the prettiest faces I’ve seen in magazines and now I have an envelope full of beauty. Gonna leave their grinning faces in milk overnight, and eat it like curdles in the morning. I will be full of yon soggy beauts come noon.