The Horseman, Or: Stay Uninvolved

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It’s mighty tempting to stick one’s nose in a neighbor’s business. I myself have been guilty to sullying my neighbors’ lives with my hubris. Well here’s a lesson for you: the Story takes an interest in none of us. It has no scorn, and it has no favor. Yet, the Story plies our lives in abundance. We are the clay before a blind potter, hot on pot fever. Heed the Story: stay out of the way! Go on! Get!

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Liturgical Reading: “The Horseman, Or: Stay Uninvolved”
Concluding Prayer

I rode a horse once that was angry as all hell. Buckin and screamin and full of hot piss and rubber’s blood. She sang a song, a creaking melody tarnished by time called “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain.” She ate quarters, and shit nothin at all. Goodbye, horse!