The Smallest Beetle, OR: Brutal Beetle Beatdown Part 1 - Guest Preacher Jackie Zebrowksi



When humanity is gone, the world will have a good laugh, comb its balding scalp, and ‘get back to it.’ What will the remaining species think of us, and what might they build in our shadow? The following Story is no Story at all, but a documentary that simply hasn’t happened yet! Yeah, this one is all true, yeah, this is a goddamn prophecy, a prophecy about BUGS.

Guest Preacher: Jackie Zebrowski (Page 7 podcast, IG: @jackthatworm)


Psalm: “I Have Decided to Live in Filth”

Liturgical Reading: “The Smallest Beetle OR: Brutal Beetle Beatdown Part 1”

Concluding Prayer

Part 2 of this hissing, clicking Story will arrive next week and incapacitate you with its wholesome truth.