Welcome, Weirdo.

The Last Podcast Network brings you some of the most entertaining and illuminating podcasts on the internet. Led by our bizarre and beloved flagship show Last Podcast on the Left, LPN aims to host programming that provokes conversation and embarrassing fits of laughter. The shows on our roster delve deep into true crime, mental health, John Travolta, and so much more. If you're weird and curious, we're glad you're here. 

the last podcast network team


travis morningstar

Travis has been binging on podcasts since '07; At this point he's more podcast than man. Naturally, this Georgia native works with the strange folks at The Last Podcast Network. Audio, video, illustration, writing, and more — Travis does it all in service to the Dark Lord of Edutainment.

Follow him on Twitter: @ghostgarbage


Megan fierRo

Megan Fierro has been a producer, editor, and research assistant with The Last Podcast Network since 2014. She enjoys scary movies, long walks on the beach, and taking selfies with other people's dogs. You can check out her work at WWW.MeganFierro.com.


Rachel HSU

Rachel left the City of Angels for The City in 2014 and never looked back.  She loves pigeons, D&D, and year-round Halloween decor.  Her internship at The Last Podcast Network goes directly against the advice to "never meet your heroes."